Do you find yourself stressed out frequently? If so, these workouts are known to be some of the best workouts to relieve stress. There are many different exercises and forms involved with each workout that is suggested, so you can personalize each workout with specific exercises that interest you!

The 10 Best Stress-Relieving Workouts, According to Fitness Experts

  • An intense kettlebell workout
  • Some easy hip and spine mobility drills
  • A gentle yoga flow
  • Workout-of-the-Day strength training
  • Your favorite sport
  • An intense HIIT workout
  • A Pilates workout
  • A HIIT-style resistance band workout
  • Cardio and core work
  • An Outdoor Run

For additional information about each suggestion and for specific workout examples, click on the link below!

Link: https://www.self.com/story/stress-relieving-workouts