I am blown away by Voicing to Make a Change! Trisha seems to be talking straight to me and understands exactly where I am coming from. But more importantly, she gives you a way out of the negativity in your head and guides you into learning how to use your voice to learn to love yourself rather than a way to put ourselves down. It is honest, practical and loving.

Maritza R.

This course was an amazing opportunity for self-discovery!

Karen D.

This was a great way to take control of your thoughts, practicing a better attitude when it comes to loving yourself. It is easy to see the best in other people but sometimes not in yourself. This tool turns that way of thinking right around! The meditation was very relaxing.  Even made me smile, as I sat with the very young version of myself, she was smiling too. Thank you Trisha for this enlightening lesson!

Dana H.

This course has helped me take a closer look at myself. It provided me with a wonderful experience in discovering the beauty within myself for the very first time in my life.  Throughout the course I felt emotionally supported and was consistently encouraged by others who were taking the journey along with me.  This helped me continue to dig deep to find the positive in myself each day.  It helped me take negative thoughts and words and rephrase them into positive ones.  It helped me trust my inner voice.  It empowered me to become less critical and much stronger.  I am grateful that I had this opportunity to take this course to become a better me. 

Karen R.