About Trish

Loving yourself is about accepting the choices we make and using loving non-judgmental eyes when we look at ourselves. Sure not all the decisions we make seem like the right ones, but in owning our decisions we are able to move in the right direction. These choices enable us to grow and make the adjustments we need to become the best version of ourselves.  Always think of each opportunity that comes your way as an experience to better know thyself. 

My journey began the day I was born. Every opportunity and experience has shaped who I am, for that I Am thankful. Was it easy? No!  As a child, I knew who I was. I knew the I Am; that part of me where my soul/creator or whatever special word you have for it dwelled. I knew I could trust it. I was carefree, and happy. Then what happened? I allowed outside forces influence my I Am.  I internalized what other people did, say and thought about me and this is the person I tried to be.  I ignored the I Am, my true self and became what I thought everyone wanted. Never feeling I was enough. My life journey of self-discover led me to see the good and beauty in me, boosting my self-confidence. Which in turn sparked a desire in me to create this course. 

I would love to share this journey with you, helping you see the beauty in yourself.  Recognizing our own magnificence helps us to gain confidence and find our voice.

As you journey in your life, you need good people around you. Helping to lift you up and achieve your goals.  Find the friends that support you and are in your corner. My belief is that you need a great team of individuals not only your friends and family, but also people who are professionals in their field. This GIFTED team helps me to keep my body, mind and soul healthy. I highly recommend these talented individuals.

Tegan Vermey is a Registered Physiotherapist who practices Orthopaedic and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.  Tegan is a highly-sought Clinical Educator for Pelvic Health.  She has been a clinical educator for Laurentian University’s Midwifery Program, McMaster University’s School of Rehabilitation Science, and the CAET Enterostomal Therapy Nursing Education Program (ETNEP).  She is also currently participating in research with investigators through McMaster University who are exploring the important relationships between pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and low back pain.

Tegan is a passionate supporter of Women’s Health.

She is delighted to help create Willow Health, a Women’s Health Centre specializing in delivering comprehensive care to address the individual needs of women of all ages in Chatham-Kent. It is Tegan’s passion to educate women on the unique abilities of their bodies, to help restore strength and movement, to help decrease persistent pain, and to empower patients to regain full quality and enjoyment of life.  Through Willow Health, Tegan’s vision is to provide excellence and equity in delivering physiotherapy services, and to raise awareness of Women’s Health issues,

Contact Tegan at 519-365-0122
Email willowhealthcentre@gmail.com

Meet Dr. Shannon Bourke.  Dr.Shannon is a registered Doctor of Natural Medicine in Ontario.  She has studied in India and has her Doctorate in both Ayurveda and Siddha medicine.  Dr. Shannon’s 45 years of experience is a testament to her healing abilities.  She teaches and practices Transcendental Meditation. Upon meeting doctor Shannon you immediately feel at home. Her welcoming, loving environment is a Vaastulogically constructed home that has a positive cosmic field and is in harmony with nature, making it conducive to a happy and prosperous life. Dr Shannon offers many healing services including, Maya Abdominal Massage, Marma Therapy, facials (unlike no other), Basti and vaginal steams.

‘I believe that healing ourselves is remembering that we have always been perfect. Forgetting that is our only mistake.’

Call Dr. Shannon Bourke, DNM® at 519-869-8544 for more information about personal health consultations or e-mail at drshannonbourke@gmail.com www.marmaved.com