If you are wanting to be the absolute best person that you can be, follow these 10 tips as often as you can. You will never want to go back to the “old you” after adopting these daily practices:

  • Be Confident
    • Take on the healthy habits in the tips below and you will become confident. When you are confident, you will radiate outward and inspire others to become confident in themselves.
  • Think Positively
    • Your mind is very strong and likely more influential on your life than you might realize. Learn to think positively, speak positively to yourself, and think optimistically.
  • Believe in Yourself
    • Above everything, believe in yourself. Everyone who ever became a success had to begin here – they had to believe that they could be successful.
  • Dress Fashionably
    • Dressing fashionably is important. What you wear does matter, and dressing fashionably definitely makes you more attractive. When you learn to express yourself and put together looks you love, you will feel, look, and live better everyday.
  • Commit to Learning & Reading
    • Commit yourself to learning and reading. Learning is a very important part of being successful and living a happy life. Once you understand the power of reading books, you can harness the wisdom of some of the most knowledgeable people ever.
  • Eat Healthy Foods/Drinks
    • What you eat/drink is as important as anything else in life, and it’s something not enough people prioritize. We should eat healthy foods/drinks while avoiding sugary, processed, and unhealthy ones. You will surely look, feel, and live better.
  • Exercise Consistently
    • Exercising consistently is an important part of a well-rounded life and lifestyle. Consistent exercise will help your body function optimally, your mind stay clear, and help you grow by pushing you through uncomfortable limits. Enjoy exercising at least 2-3 times per week.
  • Don’t Worry About Others – Focus on You
    • A commandement! You have to learn to not worry about the problems and distractions other people bring forth. Use your time wisely, and focus on your own goals and achieving them – that way, you actually could achieve them.
  • Work Hard & Make Money
    • In your life, there will come a time where lack of money causes carious problems and stress. As it turns out, money is a necessity, so you need to work hard and get yours. Work hard; get money.
  • Try New Things Often
    • Finally, the number 10 way to be your best you. Make smart decisions and stay safe, but try new things often! Explore, adventure, travel, dabble, and do everything that interests you and benefits others.

Link: https://emptywhole.com/blogs/empty-whole/10-ways-to-become-the-best-version-of-yourself-and-be-your-best-you