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Grow your confidence through positive self talk.

"Courage comes from healing wounds berried in our hearts."

~ Trisha Brown

Positive changes begin with what we tell OURSELVES!

Evolve, Women’s Wellness Circle

As an educator, I know that fostering an environment of support, empathy and understanding is crucial to helping others learn and grow.

Which is why I have chosen to collaborate on creating
Evolve, Women’s Wellness Circles.

Evolve, Women’s Wellness Circles allow women of all ages and backgrounds to come together to share their experiences, feelings, wisdom and insights in a supportive, judgement free environment.

A safe and gentle space, women's circles offer a range of benefits, from building community, healing, and personal growth to creativity, self expression and finding one's voice.

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I'm Trisha and I created this space for women just like you. You see although we are all incredibly unique, individual women, we have common threads that connect us - regardless of background, geographic location or lifestyle choices.

We are all shaped, influenced and impacted by our life experiences.

I always find it interesting to look back and see how certain events and experiences have affected my life's journey.

I know for me, my combined experiences
(yes the good and the bad) have shaped me to become the person I am today, and for that I am truly grateful. But it wasn't always like that...

Like many of you, I have faced significant personal trauma throughout my life which taught me the importance of resilience, empathy and self-care and led me on a personal inward journey in search of healing, answers and peace.

As I embarked on this journey to overcome my experiences and become the best version of myself, I examined different tools, strategies and techniques to learn how to love myself and re-build my confidence. And as I began to share what I had learnt with other women I realised the impact it was having on their lives and I sought to create a course where I could reach more women and equip them with the same tools, strategies and techniques I had used to transform my own life.

How we feel about ourselves impacts everything - how we show up in the world, how we interact with others and the level of joy or suffering we experience in our relationships.

Yet despite this, we all lead busy lives and it can be difficult to make time for ourselves.

Because no matter how busy life is, it's not hard to find 10-15min for ourselves each day - after all, your future depends on it!

From our Students…

There is a better quality of life when you have a positive outlook! Taking time to work on yourself or should I say within yourself will pay off in the end. After the exercise Trisha recommended, I have come to find I am capable of more than I thought. Taking that time in the morning has given me more time in the day to get what I need done with less stress, as I feel more focused and happy, even when unexpected tasks, situations with the kids or my spouse’s political career appear and add to that to do list. I find I can step back, prioritize and conquer it all. I also find I am sleeping better.

Thank you Trisha for encouraging me to apply this to my life.

- Dana Haggith

Trisha has created a space that helped me to see how much I have to offer. I felt safe and comfortable sharing and each day, I was left feeling more and more confidant with myself, not only with my inner thoughts but with my outer qualities too!

I appreciated how Trisha led our group with her own thoughts and allowed us time to process our own feelings. Positive thoughts and affirmations make it easy to love yourself and go to a space of love in all sorts of situations. I thank you, Trisha for allowing me a safe place to learn to speak positively about myself and bring this into my daily life.

- Kristen

Trisha’s gentle but focused ways made it fun to discover myself.

With absolutely no judgement, she is supportive and allowed me the time and space to actually get to spend time with myself and discover my strengths, my beauty and my self-confidence.

She led the group by sharing her own disclosures which paved the way to step forward in a safe environment.

I felt whole and complete after a month of Trisha’s intriguing and loving exercises.

- Maritza

There are not enough words to describe the positive changes I observed in my daughters, Parker age 13 and Hayden age 11, after they participated in a girls group where they had to identify and document attributes they liked about themselves. The biggest change was in my 13 year old daughter who was already showing signs of being insecure with herself. The idea presented from Trisha was welcomed with open arms, for a small time commitment each day both of my girls had opportunities to think about themselves in a different way. By being asked to document positive feelings/thoughts about different parts of their bodies they quickly came to realize that not everyone is the same but how you feel about yourself is most important. The girls also participated in a group chat where they shared their thoughts about themselves and it was enlightening to see their interactions afterwards knowing that the other girls they talked too felt similarly about themselves.

As a parent watching my girls participate through this, I learned that we need to make a very conscious effort to balance our compliments about a girl’s appearance with compliments about who she is and what she does. This helps support the notions Trisha was working through with my girls. She was getting them to look at themselves and by forcing themselves to write positive comments they started to see themselves differently. My oldest came to realize that her imperfections are perfect for her and her body. It’s what makes her unique and this group allowed her to see that positive self-talk can make you feel good about yourself and the things going on in your life.

- Amy Lacy
Quality Manager

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